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At present, I play in San Diego county as a solo artist- a lone wolf- or SOLOBO as I like to say.


I currently have 2 CDs available. Simmer, Cover, and Chill is a collection of great cover tunes recorded with the Shelltown Horns, and some assorted backing musicians with me on drums, harmonica and vocals. This CD came out in 2002. The second CD is called Inside the Radar (Recorded on a Random Access Digital Audio Recorder or RADAR). This second CD is all original tunes and I played all the instruments and sang all the parts. I hope you would like to acquire one or both of these. Send me an email at

I love playing live music for happy people- or they can be sad, I don't mind. Whether I am on Harmonica, drums, guitar, or singing, I am most happy performing, and am willing and able to tour the world. Looking for representation!

I Heard a Discouraging Word
Deep blues from a dark place

Cold Shoulder
Turned down, but not turned off. This is my daughter's favorite song

Well You Know What?
The four words you don't want to hear when you think the fight is over...

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